New earthquake in northern Italy kills 15

Journalist Mark Dezzani in Modena: "It was certainly shaking for quite a few seconds"

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A new earthquake has struck northern Italy, killing at least 15 people and injuring 200 others, officials say.

The magnitude 5.8 quake hit the Emilia Romagna region, damaging buildings and causing panic among residents living in tents after the earthquake on 20 May.

That quake killed seven people and caused significant damage to the region's cultural heritage.

The number of people made homeless has now gone up from 6,000 to 14,000, the Italian government says.

At least seven people are missing, and there are fears that a number of others may be buried under the rubble.

Prime Minister Mario Monti said his government would "do everything we must do and is possible to do in the shortest possible time to guarantee a return to normal life in this area, that is so special, so important, so productive for Italy".

Government troops have been sent to the affected areas, and an emergency cabinet meeting will be held on Wednesday.

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