Chinese Government Website For Trade Hacked & Account Details Leaked By Anonymous

Anonymous, a group of loosely organized hactivists hacked the Chinese government website for trade ( a few hours ago and hundreds of usernames and passwords were leaked along with the admin account details. @AnonymousChina, a Twitter account that popped out last month already announced the successful attack over 500 Chinese websites, claimed the responsibility over the hack on trade website.
Since the beginning, AnonymousChina was against the internet censorship in China and wants the Chinese government to take down the national firewall that blocks thousands of websites and cripples free speech in the country.
After AnonymousChina announced the successful attack over 500 Chinese websites, I though the government would become more conscious about their website security. Looks like they still failed to secure their perimeter while Anonymous hunting down websites to protest against the so-called “the great firewall of China” (national firewall maintained by Chinese govt).
This time, Anonymous hacktivists leaked the account details on PasteBay, because of recent actions taken by Pastebin against Anonymous hacktivists. Also, other than the account details leaked on PasteBay, the trade website of Chinese govt is working properly and seems to be under the control of the govt. Although, I know nothing about trade, after taking a peek at the leaked account details, I believe they are sensitive. Because, the leaked data includes a wide range of data from email, fax, username, password, location, skype to banned words, banned countries, employee details, survey and trade related details.
Note: For some security reasons, the link to the leaked account details was not included in to this post.

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